How Can Prenatal Care Detect if You Are Likely to Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care and its Importance

Prenatal care is the care and check-ups that pregnant women receive from a doctor, nurse, or midwife throughout their pregnancy. In simple words, it is the care that women receive when they are pregnant. Many women choose to receive this care from the time they know they are pregnant to keep themselves and their baby healthy. Prenatal visits include physical examinations, weight checks, providing urine samples, blood samples, ultrasound exams, tips from the doctors, and much more. 

Women receive care at different time frames during their pregnancy. During the initial stages, the visit time differences are more spread out compared to towards the end when you may have to go every week until you deliver.

As obvious as it is, women who are pregnant care for their children right from the time the pregnancy has been detected. It is very important to receive care after you find out you are pregnant. There are countless reasons why caring for you and your baby is important, some of these reasons are:

  • Doctors can detect any complications, if any, from an early stage. This would ensure that the mother and the baby remain safe and healthy at all times right from the beginning of the pregnancy. Early treatment and diagnosis can cure the problem and also prevent other problems from occurring. Complicated pregnancies can become fatal. 
  • Informs mothers about the important things they need to be doing to keep their infants healthy and protect them. Some women who don’t receive care are more likely to have a baby with low birth weight and more likely to have a stillbirth. The risk of pregnancy having any complications is decreased. 

Detecting a High-Risk Pregnancy

Detection Of High-risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancies are very important to be taken care of. These pregnancies occur in women who have a medical condition from before they became pregnant. These conditions can be diabetes, heart disease, STDs, obesity, chronic infections, and much more. 

You may be liable to complicated pregnancies if you have or had:

  • Chronic hypertension
  • Placental problems
  • Repeated pregnancy loss in the past and much more. 

Some of the high-risk pregnancy factors are:

  • High maternal age; is usually above 35 years old. 
  • History of premature deliveries
  • Smoking/ drinking/ drug consumption
  • Multiple pregnancies. For example, twins, triplets, or more. 

Many high-risk pregnancy factors can be fatal If not taken proper care of or diagnosed. A prenatal check is important to keep track of these factors during your pregnancy. Prenatal care during pregnancy is very important because of the dangers of these factors that can directly harm your child. 

Screening of high-risk pregnancies is important as they help to identify any risks that may occur during the pregnancy and this screening of high-risk pregnancies can lead to avoidance of many fetal issues.  Some of these tests are:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Invasive genetic screening
  • Lab tests and many more. 

High-risk pregnancy specialists that you can trust

High-risk Pregnancy Specialists

Various specialists and doctors have to help you throughout your high-risk pregnancies to reduce the risk of pregnancy. Women that are pregnant care for themselves and their children as it is very important and the risks can be reduced by receiving prenatal care during pregnancy. High-risk pregnancy specialists you can visit are:

  • Obstetricians or OBs deal with all aspects of pregnancies, from prenatal to postnatal care. They deliver babies and provide therapies to help you get pregnant. They are also trained to deal with high-risk pregnancies and complicated pregnancies. 
  • A perinatologist is an obstetrician that specializes in maternal-fetal medicine. Many women choose to see a Perinatologist as well as an Obstetrician during a high-risk pregnancy. They specialise in maternal-fetal medicine which is a branch of study that specialises in the health concerns of mothers and the baby before, during, and after the pregnancy. 
  • Pregnant women also visit cardiologists and endocrinologists to keep their blood pressure and blood sugar in control to monitor a thyroid condition. Women also visit doctors who specialise in other medical areas to keep their conditions in control. 

Prenatal checks are very important for the mother and the child. They ensure that both are safe and healthy during and after the pregnancy. At The New Life Hospital Meera Multispeciality, we provide comprehensive women’s health care at affordable prices. We ensure that we serve our patients with the best health care services. 

Our teams are specialised in what they do, they use modern treatment infrastructure and we have the best gynecologists, obstetrics and much more – all to serve you. The New Life Hospital Meera Multispeciality is one of the best and top medical institutions that prioritise you and your baby so that you face no difficulties whatsoever.

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