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When babies are born with health complications, the first few months of life are the most important. NICU stands for Newborn Intensive Care Unit at The New Life Hospital Meera Multispeciality. It is a nicu hospital in pune with a state-of-the-art unit dedicated to the care of babies born prematurely or in need of intensive care.

The Neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit comprises expertly trained staff and a panel of doctors who are some of the best in the country. We remain committed to the healthy development of your child at every step of the way.

Our doctors and neonatologists are able to expertly assess a newborn’s health with the help of modern medical infrastructure and provide treatment that addresses the root of your child’s health problems. At New Life, your baby is in safe hands. Contact our doctors for expert advice.

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Treatment & Procedures We Offer

Preterm babies/Premature babies

Preterm babies/Premature babies

State-of-the-heart facilities to strengthen breathing and heart rate.

Low Birth Weight

Low Birth Weight

Medical assistance for babies with low birth weight born weighing less than 6 pounds. 

IUGR Babies

IUGR Babies

NICU hospital in pune offers specialized care for babies that have not grown as expected in the womb.

Neonatal Sepsis

Specialised care and assistance for babies with blood infection prior to 90 days. 

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

60 percent of term newborns have clinical jaundice in the first week of life. Be rest assured we have the facility and expertise to care for your child.

Birth Asphyxia

Birth Asphyxia

Addressing the gamut of disorders that can deprive your child of oxygen after birth. Our specialised physicians are here to help. 

Neonatal surgical conditions

Neonatal surgical conditions

Specialised neonatal and fetal surgery performed by proven neonatologists and fetal medicine specialist with vast experience in the child’s condition and newborn care.

ROP Screening and Management

ROP Screening and Management

Assessment and treatment of retinopathy in preterm infants with a high success rate.

Facilities & Services

Oxygen support in newborn

Oxygen Support

State-of-the-art facilities and medical technology to provide oxygen to infants with breathing issues.

phototherapy in newborn


Treatment that uses a special kind of light for preterm babies and infants to treat newborn jaundice and other disorders that require specialized attention.

Blood transfusion for newborn babies

Blood Transfusion

A unit dedicated to blood transfusion for babies and infants that need specialized medical attention.

Exchage transfusion for newborn babies

Exchange Transfusion

A unit dedicated to a potentially life saving procedure that counteracts the effects of jaundice, sickle cell anemia or other early life related disorders.

Why The New Life Hospital Meera Multispeciality?


We pride ourselves for offering comprehensive and efficient health care that delivers results in the least turnaround time for your baby, minimizing suffering and offering relief.

Expert Care

Our panel of highly trained pediatricians and doctors are some of the best healthcare professionals in the country with a proven record of success in the medical field.

Pediatric Care for babies of all Ages (NICU hospital in pune)

For over 30 years, New Life Hospital Meera Multispeciality has had an extensive unit dedicated to Neonatal health. We offer compassionate and comprehensive care for a child’s healthcare needs.


We aid you at every step of recovery with compassionate care that puts your baby’s needs first. We follow a multidisciplinary approach to their recovery and give importance to patient wellbeing at all times

Meet our team

As a leading provider of Neonatal health services, we have a team of highly specialised neonatologists who are some of the best in the country. We are here to assist with your child’s recovery.

Patient Testimonial

Excellent healthcare for my daughter! Experienced doctors and staff. My daughter was very sick and the healthcare she received was very good. Quick recovery! Must visit


What are NICU and newborn care?

Neonatal care or Newborn care is the type of care that a baby receives when sick or is born prematurely. It is the medical care that is delivered to a baby around the time of birth and soon after. 

What is a preterm birth and what are the signs?

Some of the sins of preterm birth are change in vaginal discharge, pressure in pelvis or lower belly, constant backache that is dull, Belly cramps, diarrhea. If you are pregnant and experiencing one or more of these symptoms please consult with a doctor on priority. 

Can a preterm birth be prevented?

Preterm births cannot always be prevented however the risk of a preterm birth can be reduced. Schedule regular visits to your doctor during pregnancy and consult with an obstetrician for prenatal care.

Can I spend time with my baby when he/she is in NICU?

At New Life Hospital Meera Speciality we encourage parents to bond with their newborns who are undergoing treatment. We encourage routine skin-to-skin bonding, breast feeding, mother-baby connection and more.