COVID Vaccination During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

covid vaccination during pregnancy

The COVID 19 vaccination has been recommended for all those that are 15 and older. This includes vaccines for pregnant women, vaccines for breastfeeding moms, and vaccines for those women who are planning to get pregnant.

Why is it important for pregnant individuals to get vaccinated?

As per research and data, it has been suggested that the benefits of getting a vaccine for pregnant women are far better than the risks. The benefits of getting a vaccine outweigh the risks for the women who are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant. As we know, pregnant women are more likely to get affected by COVID 19 if they get diagnosed which is why it has been suggested that the vaccination for pregnant women should be taken soon. This reduces the severity of the illness and the effects of it on the Mother.

There have been many studies and the evidence proves that the COVID 19 vaccination for pregnant ladies and the vaccination for breastfeeding moms is safe as well as effective. The vaccination and pregnancy can both go hand in hand, simultaneously, because the vaccines do not cause any infections or any other issues. These vaccines don’t have living viruses in them so pregnant women can take the vaccine. The relation between vaccines and pregnancy is a positive relationship that only seeks the benefit of both, the mother and the child. There haven’t been an increase in miscarriages among women who have taken the vaccine and there weren’t any concerns that were noticed.

It has been noticed that women who take vaccines while pregnant build antibodies that protect their baby as well. When further researched, it was found the vaccine was found in the umbilical cord blood meaning that it could be protecting the foetus against COVID 19.

COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

There have been no negative vaccine effects on pregnancy and on breastfeeding women. All pregnant and lactating women should receive the COVID 19 vaccine, also, those that are trying to get pregnant should receive it as there have been no specified symptoms showing any negative vaccine effect on fertility.

Some of the COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women are:

● Discussing with your doctor the options and the impacts and effects.

● Getting authorised COVID 19 vaccinations that are recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

It is completely okay for women to breastfeed their babies after taking the COVID 19 vaccination. There have been no adverse safety issues in women or their babies after taking the vaccines so there is no need to postpone taking the vaccine, or getting pregnant or discontinuing breastfeeding for your baby.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine affect my fertility?

Covid 19 vaccine and fertility

COVID 19 vaccinations will not affect your fertility in any manner. It will have no effect on fertility in any way you can think of. Women who are actively seeking to conceive can get the vaccination and they wouldn’t have to postpone their pregnancy. Despite the various talks on social media about the negative impacts on fertility, research and study has proved that there isn’t any negative impact on the fertility of women. The vaccine has been seen as an immunity booster that helps the patients fight the viral infection. It protects the baby as well as the mother. Therefore, there is no evidence that the COVID 19 vaccination would harm you, your fertility or your placenta.

What effects does the vaccine have on me and my child while breastfeeding?

effects of the vaccine on child while breastfeeding

The studies show that the COVID 19 vaccines create an immune response and a rise in the antibodies that are found in breast milk. Some of the studies and reports suggest that lactating or breastfeeding women who receive the COVID 19 vaccination would pass on the antibodies to their babies through breast milk. The use of passive immunity to protect newborns has proved to be an effective way to prevent disease or illnesses in their newborns.

Can COVID-19 be severe in pregnant women?

There has been no evidence that the vaccine effects on pregnancy are bad or create an unfavourable situation for the mother and the child. It has been researched the effects would reduce and so will the severity of the illness after women take the vaccine while pregnant. Vaccination during pregnancy, before pregnancy and after pregnancy is very advisable however if you want, you can get advice from your doctors and discuss with them the options before finalising and making a decision.

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